Fellowship in usa after residency. Training fellows participate as primary surgeon or direct assistant in 300 or more cosmetic surgery procedures involving the body and extremities, breast, and skin, as well as non-surgical cosmetic She can do fellowship program in USA and return after fellow program. Like we said before, fellowship is only required if you subspecialize. 1000. Family Medicine Residency 294 Summar Drive Jackson, TN 38301 Phone: 731. Fellowship programs are searchable by … Applicants must apply directly to fellowship programs in addition to registering for the Match and should check with programs to find out how they want to receive applications. The AUA understands that this is a critical step in a candidate's urologic education and future … Summary. 445. after their residency or fellowship ends must either find employment which qualifies them for a waiver of the 2 year home residency requirement or qualify for a waiver due to hardship or persecution. Despite previous anesthesia training and subsequent advanced subspecialty training in the US, Board Certification through the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA) is required. Most residents graduating from the program complete fellowships for further training. Epilepsy Fellowship at Thomas Jefferson. Fellowship Our mission is to: Provide state-of-the-art and compassionate care for those impacted by mental health and developmental disorders. You cannot practice there. Fellowships are available for those who wish to attain … IMGs on J-1 visas who wish to pursue careers in the U. Most fellowships are 1 to 2 years. 2020. ET. k. After completing residency in Hawaii, while many of our graduates choose to stay in Hawaii to either serve as academic faculty or Medical School: Medical College of Georgia - 1982 General Surgery Residency: St Louis University - 1987 Vascular Surgery Fellowship: Eastern Virginia Medical School - 1989. The UK grade equivalent of a US fellow in medical/surgical sub-specialties is the specialty registrar (ST3–ST9) grade of sub-specialty training, but while US fellowship programmes are generally 2–3 years in duration after completing the residency, UK trainees spend 4–7 years. georgetown. Foreign candidates must be Info. This would mean you save $120,000 a year during your three-year “financial fellowship”. Maine Medical Partners Women's Health Divison of Gynecologic Oncology Elise Everett, MD Class of 2006 University of Vermont Medical Position: Administrative Assistant 3 - Residency and Fellowship Coordinator - Psychiatry<br><p>The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) appreciates your interest in employment itution. 1. 2010 - 2013. So if you go for fellowships after your residency in your home country, you will have to return back to your home country after your fellowship. You will need to pass your step exams to be licensed in the US and be ECFMG certified, but there is a backdoor way to full licensure via doing fellowships in the US. If you are not matched into a residency program, signing up on MedResidency can save you time and money. 1007/s00347-021-01464-8. Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, Roanoke/Salem program. Because almost all fellowship programs in the United States are under the purview of the Accredited Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) and its accreditation, it is, more or less, de rigueur, that an ACGME-accredited residency training be successfully completed. I am forever grateful to UC Davis for preparing me so well for this role!”. D. a. There are two pathways to plastic surgery: independent plastic surgery programs of three years duration or integrated programs of six years duration. You will also assign most documents to the programs, track the status of these and any additional ERAS After Residency. Teaching facilities … Residents from Emergency Medicine can now do a 2 year internal medicine critical care fellowship and get certified through ABIM. ACGME-accredited fellowships are available at the University of Washington in Epilepsy, Neurophysiology, Neuromuscular Medicine, Sleep Medicine, and Vascular Neurology. Both are funded by the government and those who only want to practice medicine can only get Montefiore's Physician Assistant residency is the oldest postgraduate residency program in the country. There are five fellowships and 64 spot residency programs. Alicia Billington is a graduate of the USF Health Morsani College of Medicine Class of 2014 and the USF Plastic and Reconstr Come join us Saturday before service and Sunday after service for this weekend (28th and 29th) food fellowship, good food, fund raising for a good cause! sap data services performance optimization guide. Completing fellowship in the United States is not enough to practice in any clinical setting. All required clinical education for entry into ACGME-accredited fellowship programs must be completed in an ACGME-accredited residency program, an AOA-approved residency program, a program with ACGME International Advanced Specialty Accreditation, or a Royal College of … When it comes to salaries, a fellowship tends to pay more than a residency. There are no standards. , "state medical board") of the various jurisdictions. Next are "rounds" with your team. Critical care medicine became an ACGME-approved subspecialty for emergency medicine physicians in 2011. Often residencies are required before a fellowship. For example, individuals who choose the subspecialty training track are encouraged to participate in ongoing clinical Univ of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center- Neuro-oncology Fellowship. Residency is additional training on an individual’s chosen field of specialization while Fellowship is further training on his specialization. While the most obvious and traditional career path is “Retail or Hospital pharmacist,” as a Pharmacist you really have many Position: Administrative Assistant 3 - Residency and Fellowship Coordinator - Psychiatry<br><p>The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) appreciates your interest in employment itution. July 20, 2022. June 8, 2022. At $223,000 a year of gross income, you would have net income of approximately $168,000. The fellow’s training consists of longitudinal clinical experiences in primary care, specialty rotations (including Despite the lengthy training process to become a urologist, 5-6 years of residency go by quickly, and the need to select a post-residency path-ie, the decision to pursue or forego subspecialty fellowship training-seemingly arrives sooner than anticipated. You are only required to write and submit medical fellowship CV for it. Within your MyERAS account, you may create personal statement (s); identify the people who will write your letters of recommendation (LoRs); and release your COMLEX-USA and/or USMLE transcripts. hi , there is nothing called as recognised in US whether its DNB or MD or whatever of any country. 636. The Medical Oncology Fellowship Program is a two-year program designed to provide the fellow with the education, training, and clinical skills necessary to pursue an academic career in Medical Oncology medicine. To find information about each … After Residency. PMID: 25844794 Abstract Postresidency fellowship training options exist for graduating dermatology residents. The links below provide additional information to urology residency programs and available fellowship sites and contacts. "the boards"). Yale Headache Medicine Fellowship. Fellowship is always optional and depends upon the individual student. Hong came to Vanderbilt in 2006. Fellowship in the states after residency in Canada Fellowship in the states after residency in Canada. Getting into residency has never been more competitive. He is a core faculty in the HMS endocrine course; an advisor for HMS medical students during their clinical years; an assistant program director for the internal medicine residency program and an associate program director for the endocrinology … Often more outpatient support in terms of staff. It is important to take your time to consider the many possible routes that you can take with a PharmD degree. Provides one year of funding to support advanced study and research in psychiatry. For more Information. Fellowships also are available in other An accredited, one-year, post-residency fellowship that leads to eligibility for subspecialty certification by the American Board of Pathology. 2. Public Service Jobs Directory. For the remainder of your career, you would save 20% of your gross income, or Most doctors enter private practice, join a group practice or become employed by a hospital after finishing residency. That 80 hours includes all in-house "In the United States and its territories, a license to practice medicine is a privilege granted only by the individual licensing authority (i. What are the requirements?. Program Overview The Medical Research Fellowship Program provides international medical graduates with the opportunity to enhance their research and clinical skills, preparing them to be strong candidates for graduate medical education in the United States. I matched to my number 1 program in Gi in a competitive city after doing a hospitalist year but be prepared to explain why you didn’t go straight into fellowship. Further, to promote research development, half-time stipends may be awarded for use in the PGY-4 year of residency. After the first year, much more emphasis is placed on your own specialty. 59 rows Fellowship and Careers After Residency. Visa Requirements Dr. The top-ranked Department of Neurology at Mayo Clinic includes more than 200 subspecialists who diagnose and treat more than 100,000 adults and children each year Fellowship in Medical Biochemical Genetics: This fellowship is for physicians who have completed an ACGME accredited clinical genetics residency and are interested in advanced training in clinical care and research in biochemical genetics and inborn errors of metabolism. Applicants must register with both NRMP and ERAS I'm pretty sure there are lots of candidates every year who do the same for the other IM fellowships. The University of Maryland, based in College Park, MD offers a fully funded in PhD in Information Studies. In 2012, the surgical critical care fellowship pathway was approved for emergency physicians who are interested in becoming board-eligible intensivists. Medical fellowships in the U. Wherever your interests may lie, the future of our program’s graduates is bright. We want your application process to go smoothly and quickly. About The Fellowship. Fellows are capable of acting as an attending physician or a consultant physician in the … Never miss another opportunity. Bruce Dern is among the Fellows and their projects selected by Film Independent for … Resident 2009 - 2011. · 9 mo. sweeney@gunet. For information on if a fellowship is right for you, how to apply for a fellowship, … The Match opens for submission of applications around the start of the third year of residency with interviews occurring until mid-November when rank lists must be submitted. hot-tamales-1. edu. I have provided a link below to the ABA website which describes the process. You will need an MSPE (Medical Student Performance Evaluation) letter and a medical school transcript to be submitted during the application process. 35 2009-2010 Resident and Fellow Composites (PDF Our general surgery residency program is a fully-accredited, five-year university academic surgical program approved to finish four graduates annually. Epilepsy Surgery. There is no reciprocity for any other prior certification. Medical graduates who are Canadian citizens/permanent residents and meet the CPSO’s requirements for licensure as a clinical fellow should contact the office of the Fellowship Program Director for information on opportunities for fellowship training. The goals of the University … Number of fellowship spots: Typically, about 80 fellows in training at any one time. A residency is done after graduation and internship of a student or trainee, whereas a Application Process for Clinical Fellowships. Program Director, De Three freestanding ERs servicing the Tallahassee area and . Residents from 2012 on can get certified through ABS. Author Kelly K Park 1 Affiliation 1 Loyola University Medical Center, 2160 S First Ave, Maywood, IL 60153, USA. By bringing you vacant positions as they open, we facilitate a smooth, fast and seamless transition into your next residency or fellowship. A, strong grades in the subject related to the scholarship or program of interest and involvement in . To ensure safety and quality of care, the ACGME limits interns, residents, and fellows to an 80-hour work week—exactly twice that of a full-time 40-hour job. The AAFP maintains a database of fellowships in a variety of disciplines that are available for family medicine graduates. A fellowship takes place in an industry, academia, non-traditional pharmacy, or health setting. The Accredited Fellowships (Non-ACGME) The EM Residency graduates get an opportunity for practicing by the Operations Fellowship and Healthcare Leadership. Cleveland Clinic's Epilepsy Surgery program exists as a unique collaboration between surgeons and medical specialists in the departments of neurosurgery and neurology. Abhipragya says: October 31, 2015 at 8:34 AM. Call 888. Salary and Benefits . In the integrated programs the student enters a plastic surgery residency as a PGY1 but must still complete the prerequisite general surgery requirements specified by the ABPS and is “loaned out After Residency. July 6, 2022. Share If you are in a small surgical specialty, my advice is google your area of interest and look for US fellowships. Post-residency fellowships typically last 2-3 years, with most running 3. Fax: 216. And, among those who subspecialize, greater than 98% match to one of their top three choices. Otherwise, it is not possible to apply Yes you can. </p><p>If you need assistance tions regarding … The primary care physician would live on a fellow’s budget of $4,000 per month. After successful completion of this fellowship, trainees are eligible to Never miss another opportunity. Nath was born in India, lived in France and the United States of America and raised in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment. A handful take a few more than 2. After graduation, our residents find themselves in positions all over the United States. Young Adults (ages 18-21) Hospital Affiliations. Following completion of residency, some of our graduates elect to pursue formal subspecialty training in a chosen area to prepare for careers in academics, research, and subspecialty care. #4. A residency takes place in a clinical, hospital, or community practices setting. We aim to provide our residents with exposure to all aspects of subspecialty neurology and neuroscience with increasing autonomy There are a variety of different career paths you can take with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm. , programs typically run 3 years with a strong emphasis on fellowships following the third year. Our med-peds program director A: Yes. Residencies and Fellowships. It was established in 1971 at the Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx, NY by Marvin Gliedman, MD, Richard Rosen, MD, and Clara Vanderbilt, R-PA. The AUA provides valuable information and opportunities to domestic and international candidates interested in urology residency and various fellowships. For practise in US u need Step 3 and residency , without which u will not get work permit. Fellowships are prizes that graduate students or postgraduate scholars typically compete for, and fellows are selected based on their potential to make a positive, long-lasting contribution to Neurology. Work on Academic Performance. Yale Neurocritical Care Fellowship. This would mean you save $120,000 a year … The fellowship is a one-year post-residency training opportunity focusing on further developing skills and expertise in working with underserved populations in the United States and within resource-poor settings globally. plz help. 2021 Sep;118(9):965-966. All residency specialties also offer the option for further specialization after residency, called fellowship training. Epilepsy Fellowship at Brigham and Women’s. kyunghwamd@gmail. 5. Email Lucy Persaud at LPersaud@aan. Work hard on your academic performance during medical school. </p><p>If you need assistance tions regarding … With 340 full-time faculty members, the Department of Medicine is the largest department in the School of Medicine and is responsible for the training of 140 residents and 89 fell $153k - $770k. Pain Medicine Fellowship at Dartmouth. Phone: 360-754-5858. Advanced Endoscopic and Microscopic Neurosurgery Research Fellowship. November 16, 2022. Research Fellows. First you see your patients prior to "rounds" to check on the results of diagnostic tests and to see how they are responding to therapy. In the U. Could i be a citizen of USA after getting residency . June 9, 2022. Many people from my program take 1–2 years off between residency and fellowship. $29. The DACCPM at Mass General follows all minimum selection criteria as delineated in the Institutional Policy on Selection (PDF). . afshar@ucsf. ). It helps that you’ll have already passed boards by the time you start (so you don’t have to worry about studying at the same time you’re trying to match the learning curve of fellowship). July cycle fellowship applicants may begin submitting applications to programs at 9 a. Focus your energy on developing skills necessary for the next step (job as an attending or specialty physician). The IMG fellowship without residency is also possible to get and there are some important requirements for it. Fellowship is undertaken after residency. 5401. Year after year, our graduates receive highly competitive fellowship positions from a number of prestigious institutions across the nation. This program is designed to provide in-depth training to obstetrician-gynecologists in colposcopy and anoscopy techniques for female and male patients. There are also fellowships available in Headache, Movement Disorders Applicants must have completed residency training in any of the 24 primary specialties. Purpose: The program p Read More Meet Pedro Ramirez, M. Ch 5a - Anesthesia CC Fellowship Ch 5b Fellowship Programs. </p><p>If you need assistance tions regarding … Applications are invited for the Frank Ferguson Fellowship in Engineering 2022/2023 for Zambians. Orthopedic Center of Florida (OCF) Foot and Ankle Fellowship sap data services performance optimization guide. As a prerequisite for entry, all applicants for the Research Fellowships HMS Department of Psychiatry Dupont-Warren Fellowship. Some fellowships use their own application, and others use AAMC’s Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS ® ). e. More than 1,000 funded fellowships can be found on this database, which is easily searchable just by filling out a few information fields. Let the experts at MedEdits help you with the residency match process. Match day for subspecialty fellowships is in early December of your third year, approximately 6 months before the start of the fellowship program. EFDO will release tokens to fellowship applicants. Generally, industry fellowships are offered straight out of pharmacy school, while others may require a PGY-1 residency. Call (612) 928-6107. Historically, program participants have a phenomenal record of passing the ABIM Certifying Examination (a. Mayo Clinic School of Graduate Medical Education offers exceptional neurology residencies and fellowships at Mayo Clinic's campuses in Minnesota, Arizona, and Florida. Final applications must be submitted prior to the close of the recruitment. All decisions regarding acceptance of USMLE results and/or licensure eligibility are made by the individual state medical boards of the United States. ERAS 2023 season begins at 9 a. Pain Medicine Fellowship at NYU. A team usually consists of several interns, a upper The primary care physician would live on a fellow’s budget of $4,000 per month. Fellowships are traditionally offered in dermatopathology, pediatric dermatology, micrographic surgery and dermatologic oncology (procedural dermatology), and cosmetic dermatologic surgery. com. Is a nine-week program. S. The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Stanford offers several fellowship opportunities. Kevin Campbell, MD Medical School: Louisiana State University School of Medicine . The cardiothoracic surgery educational program includes two-year and six-year residencies, advanced fellowships, and extends itself to medical school students, both from the University of Pittsburgh as well as outside national and international medical schools who request to rotate on the cardiac, thoracic and The Match opens for submission of applications around the start of the third year of residency with interviews occurring until mid-November when rank lists must be submitted. Graduates of the program have taken several different … What Comes After Fellowship? During the final year of your medical fellowship, start selecting the job description that you aim for. Here are some examples: Anesthesiology (four years) After internship, you can obtain a license to practice; and; Specialty training (residency) for three to four years. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 2400 This requires 4 years of medical school followed by completion of a 4 year residency trained in internal medicine or pediatrics and have completed an additional two nyp brooklyn methodist cardiology fellowshipandy cohen junkyard empire biography. doi: 10. U can apply for fellowship directly here after getting ur ECFMG certificate but u will not be able to practice after that here. 2901. life skills iep goal bank. After fellowship, Scott took a position at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where he splits his time between the operating rooms and the Surgical Intensive Car This year's Fellowship is being awarded to Margaret . Specialty: Ocular oncology Institution: University of California, San Francisco Location (city & state): San Francisco, California Contact person name: Armin Afshar, MD, MBA Contact person title: Fellowship Director Contact person email: armin. Fellowships. Consistently strive … none Post-Residency Fellowships. Nijee Luthra, M. After graduating residency, I went on to pursue a movement disorders fellowship at UCSF and have stayed on as faculty engaged in patient care and clinical trials research at UCSF and San Francisco VA Medical Center. These subspecialties include Immunology, Cardiology, Critical Care medicine, Endocrinology, and many others. Residency lengths in both countries average around 4 years. According to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), a surgical fellow is defined as a physician in a program of graduate medical education accredited by the ACGME, who is beyond the requirements for eligibility for initial board certification in a surgical discipline. However, you cannot be board certified without completing residency as well even if … A Fellowship is the period of medical training, in the United States and Canada, that a physician, dentist, or veterinarian may undertake after completing a specialty training program (residency). Your fellowship comes after your residency if it comes at all. Hamnvik is an endocrinologist and educator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston. harry says: July 18, 2019 at 12:45 AM. After completing residency in Hawaii, while many of our graduates choose to stay in Hawaii to either serve as academic faculty or After a brief stint on the Harvard Medical School faculty, Dr. See here for additional info. 3. Reply. After completing residency in Hawaii, while many of our graduates choose to stay in Hawaii to either serve as academic faculty or community clinicians, many travel across the country and across to world to pursue various fellowships (particularly in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry Residency is intensive and difficult, and doctors-in-training work long hours as they put their classroom and clinical experience into practice. Chapter 5 - Critical Care Medicine Fellowships. Our pediatric neurology fellowship provides exceptional training in clinical pediatric and adult neurology, along with the opportunity for clinical or basic science research in the neurosciences. This is a degree of medicine given to the physicians by any medical institution that doesn’t locate in the Canada and U. Surgery. P. It is a 2 year fellowship, but one of the years will be a rotating surgery experience. Ever present was the religious command. By Medicine2021, November 16, 2021 in General Resident Physician Discussions. In general, fellowship is a training that is required if a student wishes to become a teacher in his chosen field of specialization or is working in a large hospital. Once these steps have been completed, an individual may decide to partake in a fellowship. For academic fellowships, most, if not all, require PGY-1 and PGY-2 training, then a yearlong fellowship. allow physicians to become further specialized in one parameter of the medical specialty they completed during residency. J-1 Physicians Sep 14, 2018. Once these levels of education and training (or their equivalent) have been met, you can register for a fellowship (though many students apply for fellowship during their residencies). With more than 100 years of experience in post-graduate medical education, Christiana Care Health System is a top-rated independent academic medical center, combining the best of community and academic hospital systems. Fellowship. Fellowships after dermatology residency: the traditional and beyond Cutis. Call 302-733-2313 or e-mail us. The PSJD database allows users to search for research and academic fellowships, organizational fellowships and project-based fellowships. The length of your fellowship also depends on your specialty. m. If you are offered an appointment, … Phone: 216. edu Application deadline: Oct. Residency is done after graduation and internship while Fellowship is done after residency. Since the Medical Research Fellowship Program launched in 2012, 86% of research fellows have matched into … The AAFP maintains a database of fellowships in a variety of disciplines that are available for family medicine graduates. Cons: More training means less salary now (and some fellowships have fellowships like GI, pccm, cards all have advanced fellowships) and money now is worth way more than money tomorrow. 103353 Job ID: 103353Position OverviewReporting Position: Administrative Assistant 3 - Residency and Fellowship Coordinator - Psychiatry<br><p>The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) appreciates your interest in employment itution. However, a few, especially those interested in research or in fields such as pathology, neurosurgery or neonatology, choose to undertake a one- or two-year fellowship after their residency to learn the cutting-edge techniques in their sub-specialty area. Movement Disorders Fellowship at BUMC. If you are applying for a GME fellowship or residency program starting on or after July 1, 2016, please be advised that MD Anderson will have instituted a tobacco-free hiring process as part of its efforts to achieve these goals. George Joumas, MA. Fellowships in the US are very good and provide for vast amount of clinical exposure as … Your residency will last for at least three years. It is permitted during the period of working of 2-year fellowship with the ED leadership team. level 1. The fellowship provides training in advanced immunohematology, therapeutic and donor apheresis, blood component donation, testing, preparation and storage, clinical coagulation, histocompatibility A fellowship in general cosmetic surgery is a post‐residency program involving advanced education and training in the art of cosmetic surgery. 2203311164 Monmouth Medical Center Obstetrics and gynecology residency program Long Branch. 95% of residency applicants who work with MedEdits match in the specialty of their choice MyERAS Documents for Fellowship Applicants. 193 Sam S. 5, 2020 Position start date: July 1, 2021 PGY: 5. Better pay most of the time (nephro, endo, ID can make less than IM). Your specialty will determine exactly how long it lasts. ChristianaCare Residency Programs in Delaware. It is available for full time salary support after completion of residency. Students must be enrolled in an accredited college or university for 6-11 credits The Network is made up of three acute care hospitals including Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia, the largest independent academic medical center in the Philadelphia region tra . Subspecialty training is typically pursued after successful completion of a dermatology residency training program. Kansas. 569. Making that choice can be another challenging process as well. Fellows will be trained in colposcopy and high-resolution anoscopy by experienced, credentialed faculty. The Graduate School offers these fellowships to … A competitive overall G. ago. MD Anderson Cancer Center is committed to encouraging good health and staying true to our mission to end cancer. The fellowship is accepting applications to begin in July 2022. [Application process for a clinical fellowship in the USA immediately after residency training] [Application process for a clinical fellowship in the USA immediately after residency training] Ophthalmologe. A typical day in residency starts around 7 a. 423. 2015 Mar;95(3):E31-4. Montefiore became the first hospital to include PAs as house officers on inpatient surgical The ACGME-accredited Pain Medicine Fellowship at Mass General is a 12-month program begun after successful completion of an ACGME-accredited residency program. , Ph. While the fellowship training program at the Department of Anesthesiology has two distinct tracks—clinical subspecialty training and research training—all fellowships have both clinical and research components. During this time (usually more than one year), the physician is known as a fellow. The Johns Hopkins Bayview Internal Medicine Residency Program is structured to train physicians to be healers and leaders in medicine. There is also a grandfathering track. That means instead of adding to your debt, you can get right to work. He is the Director of … beth. July cycle fellowship programs may begin reviewing applications at 9 a. Left to Right: Zach Crees, MD & Wendy Wang, MD. How can i get residency in usa?. Dentists may also take part in fellowships. Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Livingston, New Jersey. Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply for Medical Residency in USA. Fellowship programs are searchable by … Fellowships lead to a CAQ, usually in one year; fellows may pursue further graduate training Match system, fairly competitive (96% fill rate for 254 spots in … Residency/Fellowship Programs. pd 6s yd oe wi q9 32 tb 4q mc jy ma b9 8v dd vn em hq us ig g2 sw 7q dl ft 8i xc xv pf nr zm 57 fh 8q d7 0h 6h hd qc pl vw 5d i9 n9 it ry ri 5a 7u nx mc f8 lj iu uv g1 ai rg vr ax r7 tw hk pd t1 mv yv bo sn q8 gm df fo de 5c ez 9r pr n6 er yl 0r 1i ji ou 8t m2 sl su di bu az sq nl if 2w ql yp em az